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Available Digital Mixing Desks

Digital mixing desks are the most popular choice with sound engineers today due to their all-in-one capabilities including built in FXs, compressors, gates and multi band EQs. Many digital mixers have touch screen displays allowing for easily editing capabilities, show file storage as well as the desk’s many other features. A digital mixing desk is definitely the best choice when working with several bands on the same event allowing for the bands settings to be stored and recalled at the touch of a button and also means when mixing the same band in several different venues most of the work is already done.

Advantages of going digital include:

  • Storage of multiple show files & channel presets straight to the desk or USB.
  • Generally great digital sound quality capable of professional live or recording purposes.
  • LED touchcreen screen making it simple to navigate desk and have a visual representation of EQ/ effects.
  • Built in effects and processing features that are easily applied.
  • Digital stage boxes connectivity  via CAT-6 cable to expand the I/O and channel list.
  • Recording ability straight to USB or audio interface to a computer.
  • Channel strip customisation such as layout, naming & colouring capabilities.
  • Channel strip layers making it easy to switch between FOH/ monitor mixing, etc.
  • Built in graphic EQ with fader flip and feedback detection functions for make equalising your master mixes on a live show.
  • Remote controlling mixes via a tablet or phone app.
  • Simple I/O setup grid making it easy to manage/ reorganise channel inputs.

Contact AudioCP today to demo any of the digital mixing desks we have in our Glasgow warehouse where one of our team will gladly help.