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Advantages of Using Wireless IEM Systems

There are numerous advantages to using wireless IEM systems over stage monitors to consider, when utilising IEMs (In Ear Monitor) effectively a lot of stage noise which bleeds over and affects the main FOH mix is cut out, allowing for a cleaner sound both on the stage and for the front of house mix. Furthermore, using an IEM system effectively can greatly reduce the risk of feedback on stage and unwanted signal noises from a show, especially in situations where there is not a lot of set up time available for the engineer to EQ monitors to avoid such feedback.

If you are part of a touring act these IEM systems can be both a lifesaver, and a space saver, due to their portability these systems can greatly reduce the amount of space that traditional wedge monitors may take up and could provide you with the opportunity to store extra gear should you need it. Additionally, IEMs are particularly useful for a performer’s wellbeing, if you are playing numerous shows with loud wedge monitors your hearing can become damaged, and you can be caused a lot of vocal strain when trying to compete with the volume of them on stage, IEMs utilise noise cancelling earphones to cut out that noise, and with the ability to personally control their volume through the receiver packs you will be able to more effectively monitor the mix during your performance. Similarly, without the need for numerous wedge monitors and the cabling that comes with them on stage you will have a lot more room to move around and that freedom applies to the engineer during set up as well. To summarise, wireless IEMs offer you better sound quality during a performance, allow a performer to more effectively monitor the mix, protect a performer’s hearing, and among other things offer a great deal of freedom due to their portability. If you are interested in one of these wireless IEM systems, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have at our Glasgow office. AudioCP try to provide the best possible deals online and happy to put together custom packages whenever needed.