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What PA Speakers We Sell

Active or Passive PA speakers of every shape and size are available to buy online from AudioCP and choosing the correct PA speaker depends on its usage and your budget so we are here to help guide you to the right purchase. The brands of PA speakers we stock include Electrovoice, Alto Professional,  Turbosound, JBL and Mackie.

Active PA Speakers

Active speakers have built in power amps and usually are connected via XLR  or jack cables however some models also have Bluetooth wireless connectivity like the Electrovoice ZLX12BT or ZLX15BT which are in our full range speakers section. The main advantages for active speakers is that you do not have an external power amp to transport about with you and is a very popular choice for pub, function and wedding bands. Due to the built in power amp the active speakers tend to be heavier than passive versions. If you are a DJ then active speakers are perfect for simply plugging you DJ mixer directly into the back and ready to go.

Passive PA Speakers

Passive speakers require a separate power amp to power them and connected usually by speaker cables with speakon connectors. These can be used with a lot of band set ups similar to the active speakers however you tend to find passive speakers with larger concert systems and installations. When it comes to selecting a power amp for passive speakers it is import that figure out the correct power amp power and ohms and also the limit of how many speakers you can use linked together on the same channel and is always best to check with us before purchasing.

If you need help picking the right speaker then get in touch and let us know what you are planning on using the loudspeaker for and your budget and we can give our advice and some options.