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What Podcasting Equipment Do You Need?

If you are interested in starting a podcast and you are not sure where to begin with what equipment you will need to make it sound professional, then this should act as a rough guide for your buying process, covering all of the fundamental components that you may need. Perhaps the most crucial aspect of your set up would be a good quality microphone, or microphones if you plan to have guests on. If it is a solo show then perhaps a USB mic which is very simple to set up and no need for an audio interface will be the cheaper and smarter option however If you are planning on having more than one microphone or instruments plugged in then a audio interface is recommenced.

An option accessory which would be beneficial to invest in a pop filter, utilising one of these minimises or prevents “plosives,” such as your P’s and T’s, by absorbing those sounds before they reach your microphone. Once you have your microphone and a pop filter for it, you will more than likely need a stand, this will help you to position your microphone, or microphones, so that you and your guests can relax and not worry about them during the show, just position them and let the conversation flow. Moving on from capturing audio you will need a pair of headphones in order to monitor the audio being recorded and manage the levels as they come in, this goes hand in hand with using some form of audio interface or headphone amplifier in order to manage these levels.

In summary, you will need at least microphone for capturing audio, a computer to manage the audio, headphones to monitor the audio, and some form of mixer or headphone amp to control audio levels, if you are confused about any additional equipment that you may need then I would invite you to please contact us, as we would be more than happy to offer advice on the buying process, and we would like to ensure you can have a value for money set up, that is cheap and effective.