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Full Range Top Speakers For Sale

PA speakers being ‘full range’ means that they produce a frequency range from low to high compared to a sub speaker that only produces low frequencies. See our subwoofers page for more information on whether or not you should think about buying subs to go with your tops and boost the power of your system. Full range top speakers can be used on stands as a pair or single speaker set up for smaller events and some can also be used as stage monitors.

We sell both active and passive loudspeakers. Active speakers have built in power amps whereas passive speakers require a separate power amp (contact us if you are not sure what the best amp options are for your desired speaker size/ amount) and connect via speakon cabling.

Advantages of Active PA Speakers

  • They power themselves via IEC cable meaning you can plug directly into the wall, not needing to buy a separate power amp to carry around and keep the set up simple.
  • They can also be used alone for laptop/ phone music playback at small parties or multiple tops can be daisy chained around a hall for speech/ background music.
  • Some active speakers have combi XLR/jack inputs allowing for different set up options and at times you can simply plug a microphone, instrument or music from a laptop/phone etc..without having to use a mixing desk.
  • Most active speakers on the market now have have a display screen at the back allowing you to control the built in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) controlling your input levels, change the overall EQ, built in limiters and delay if needed. Common EQ settings on these speakers for example are ‘Speech’, ‘Live’ for vocals/ instruments, ‘Music’ for standard music playback of most genres and ‘Dance’ for heavier music that requires extra low end bass. They also have preset EQ settings for the best sound if you have the speaker set up on a stand, mounted on a wall/ another speaker or are on the floor. This allows for simple plug and go usage.

Advantages of Passive PA Speakers

Passive loud speakers are great for daisy chaining multiple speakers together around a room without the need to power every speaker individually and is mainly the choice for installations. This can be a real time and effort saver compared to using active speakers which would need separate power to each speaker as well as cabling linking together. Get in touch with us if you are unsure about how many speakers you might require to fill a room and what the correct power amp would be to buy for this amount.

For advice before you buy on what is the right pa speaker for you talk to one of our sound engineers.