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Adding Subwoofer Speakers To Your Set Up

PA subwoofer speakers, commonly referred to as subs, are used to take band/ DJ gig setups to the next level sound wise and to fill larger event spaces by drastically boosting the low end bass volume. Less powerful subs can be used for small/ mid size spaces to help improve the overall sound quality of your system and give you a comfortable volume without putting strain on the speakers over time. It is a common issue that people try to drive their full range tops too hard, eventually breaking them, when buying a sub or two can produce the desired extra SPL volume effortlessly while still having clarity.

Active subwoofers have built in power amps and are powered by an IEC cable and for further ease of use, you can buy an IEC Y-splitter cable to power your tops and sub from the one plug socket. Active subs also come with one or two XLR inputs and outputs, making them easy to link with your tops regardless of which one you plug in first straight from your desk. Most active subs have built in DSP and their display screen flash or indicate if the speaker is peaking too high and  the DSP allows you to select your desired crossover frequency (usually a choice of 80Hz, 100Hz & 120Hz) that matches the full range top speaker. If you are unsure about crossover frequencies then most brands  have presets for most of their active top speaker ranges.

Passive subwoofers require an external power amp with built in crossover control which can be slightly less user friendly if you are buying your first PA system. We are always on hand to give you advice on what power amp to buy to suit your speakers and give you advice for setting it up. Passive subs also save time when setting up as they only require one speakon cable to go to the input and they have an output for linking two subs together if your power amp is capable of it. It is always useful in a live setup to not need to run power outlets to each side of the stage for your speakers.

If you need any advice on what subwoofer PA speakers would best suit your needs and budget then please contact us.