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Quality Studio Headphones Make a Difference

If your passion is mixing and mastering your own music and want to set up a home studio or use then in a live environment to monitor whats coming into the mixing desk, you will need a set of high-quality studio headphones. There are large differences between studio headphones and commercial listening headphones, the majority of people who listen to music on a regular basis will own a pair of headphones in this day and age however most of these headphones probably don’t qualify for what music professionals and engineers would refer to as high quality studio headphones.

There are some key differences between studio headphones and commercial headphones, for example commercial headphones concentrate more on functionality and the enjoyment of the listening experience. Meanwhile studio headphones are explicitly designed for sound engineers and aim to produce a flat frequency response in order to effectively mix sound, and that nothing interferes with the sound output, most commercial pairs of headphones do not tend to have any similar features as they are more likely to concentrate on the overall design of the product, and usually pair with a number of other characteristics like wireless connectivity, but the sound output is altered the sound in order to make it easier on your ears.

If you are looking for value for money when purchasing a pair of studio headphones you may want to consider a pair of closed back headphones, as these are useful for more casual listening and they are fairly good at blocking out outside noise, however if you are buying for a more professional purpose then you may want to look into open backed headphones. These are ideal for critical listening and studio environments where outside noise may not be as prevalent, as they are not effective at blocking outside noise, but they perform a great deal more effectively than closed backs. We are aware that there are some confusing elements to purchasing a pair of studio headphones so please do contact us with any questions you might have, a lot of the decision making that goes into buying a pair of these can come down to personal preferences but we are sure we can point you in the right direction when it comes down to buying your pair, and there are a number of great value for money options available so whatever you’re after we are confident we will find you a great deal.