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Controlling a DAW with a Control Surface

If you are looking for interactive and intuitive control of your DAW software, you can’t beat a good quality audio control surface, these typically consist of faders or rotaries to adjust panning and other parameters, and basic controls which can start, stop, and control the playback. The majority of control surfaces additionally offer access to features such as EQ and dynamic plug-ins and can really help you expand your mixing abilities and improve the overall quality of your sound. It gives you freedom from your computer screen and provides both visual and tactile feedback that can help you work more creatively and productively, along with reducing fatigue from staring at the computer monitor for hours.

Control surface vary in size and features along the price range depending on your needs and desires, for example maybe you are recording in your home studio and you want s small mixer to manage a few inputs and outputs as you don’t have the space or the funds for anything with numerous channels or effects etc, we can help you find a great alternative for you. Perhaps you are looking for a large mixing desk for your studio and you want to have lots of inputs and outputs, copious amounts of FX available, and lots of faders to control automation, levels, etc. we have numerous control surface available whatever it is that you need. When purchasing one of these control surfaces it is also important that you understand the specifications of each product and the connectivity protocol e.g., USB, FireWire, or Ethernet, essentially the compatibility of the control surface with your current equipment or software.

Purchasing a control surface can be a daunting experience as there are lots of options available on the market, however if you are confused strip back to the basics of what you need (how many channels, how much space do you have in your studio), and as always please don’t wait to contact us with any questions or queries you may have on how to pick an appropriate control surface, as we are on hand to help you and a want to provide you with a cheap deal which will leave you feeling as if you the best value for money possible.