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Multiple Radio Mic System Packages For Venues

Our multiple radio mic packages are extremely flexible and whether you’re interested in a multiple radio microphone package for a permanent installation in your venue, or a mobile set up we would be more than happy to offer advice and help to build a system which accommodates your needs. We have years of experience both installing these systems and building them for portable use and are well equipped to deal with whatever you need, for example if you are looking for a system for your theatre, music venue, or any venue which requires numerous radio microphones for performances or events we are confident that we can deliver an efficient system based upon your needs.

These systems often consist of numerous radio mics (handhelds, lavalier, headsets), antenna distro, and a number of receivers which can be built to purpose depending on the maximum number of mics that you may require at one time. Having a well built and efficient radio mic system set up for your venue can be extremely beneficial for shows or events as the sound technician can seamlessly change inputs and prepare for a show without the need for intrusive cabling and lengthy set up times, they can just turn up, alter some inputs, check the microphones are working, and quickly check signals. If you are interested in a more permanent installation and you think you may need a bit of help deciding what you may require for your venue, then please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can offer any advice or in some cases come out and have a look at the venue in order to give you the most accurate and fair quotation possible. Our technicians work with this equipment every day and are more than experienced enough to guide you in the direction of an affordable radio microphone package which gives you the best value for money set up possible. We build these packages in our Glasgow warehouse and can be shipped anywhere in the UK.