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Selecting an Analogue Mixing Desk

Analogue mixers are the classic and original type of mixing desk and AudioCP stock a range of small platform mixers with the cheapest prices online. Small analogue mixers are best used for small/ mid size setups and are arguably the more user friendly choice compared for those that do now have sound engineering. Several models have built in USB connectors allowing for the desk to be used as an audio interface for recording on to a computer and perfect for streaming.

If you are a singer then there are small platform analogue desks that have built in FXs including reverb and delay which you can add to your vocals. If you are looking to have a stage monitor or IEM mix then most desks have AUX send mixes allowing for a separate mix for your monitoring on stage and the more auxiliaries on the mixer will allow for more and more monitor mixes.

In our Glasgow store we have several analogue mixing desks in stock that you can try so give AudioCp a call to arrange a demo.