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Choosing Studio Monitors To Suit You

The quality of studio monitors plays a big role in the process of recording and having a poor-quality set of monitors could potentially ruin your whole project, as you can’t effectively mix the output of the recording. Fundamentally, if you can’t get a good quality sound from your mix, then how could you hope that the listener will enjoy your mix?

Studio speakers tend to have a flat frequency response which means that the EQ level should be flat allowing you to mix from a base line. The studio monitors that we sell all have built in power amps so there is no need to matching a power am or additional equipment. Some of the full range speakers also have separate subwoofer speakers to add more low end to your mix and there is also the ability to set up a multiple speakers depending on if you are mixing in stereo, 5.1 etc...

If you dont know where to start then check out the studio packages that we offer which includes a studio microphone, speakers, headphones and an audio interface. If you have any questions or looking for recommendations please contact us and one of the team will be happy to help.