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Choosing an Audio Interface

If you are interested in recording and music production then you will need an audio interface allowing you to input sound into your computer. There are basic single channel audio interfaces up to large scale multichannel inputs with difference functionality to suit a wide range of needs. At its core that boils down to the capturing or recording of vocals, instruments or other sources of sound onto a computer and subsequently outputting the audio to either external studio monitors or even studio headphones

 As well as having both these physical and creative benefits when using an audio interface, there are further improvements that arise when it comes to your recording workflow. Fundamentally, having these dedicated knobs or faders which physically control volume levels offers you to be more interactive and creative than having to use a mouse or trackpad, essentially a more hands on approach. As outlined above, picking a multi-track recording interface will be a game changer if you’ve never had the opportunity or equipment to do it before, choosing the right one depends on your requirements. The majority of audio interfaces will offer a large variety of input options, most commonly these include XLR (for microphones) and jack inputs for guitars and keyboards etc. Output connections will usually include XLRs, jacks or a combination, while at the higher end of the spectrum you may find optical, SPDIF or RCA cables for use with DJ equipment.

When you are deciding on the best interface for you please consider what’s important for you from this information, do you need more inputs or outputs? More faders because you don’t like to control everything from your computer? If you have any further questions please don’t wait to contact us and we will do our best to guide you in the correct direction, and we will aim to provide you with a great value for money deal when it comes time for you to buy an interface.