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Advantages of Using Radio Microphones

There are numerous advantages to utilising radio microphones for and are most commonly used by performers who require a great deal of flexibility as they move around a stage (e.g., those who like to be involved with their audience, dance and move around, or simply those who like a nice clean environment on-stage), however they are also extremely effective for speakers or lecturers as it can provide them with a great deal of freedom to roam around and interact with their audience. Furthermore, if you are holding an event where audience engagement is necessary, and you need floating mics to be carried around the room to take questions from the public then then handheld radio microphones are perfect.

Our technicians have used these radio microphones in numerous applications from straight-forward solo singers, to large choirs and speech-based performances, and would be more than happy to aid you in any decision-making processes. If radio mics sound like they fit your requirements, then don’t hesitate to browse the online shop as there are a number of great deals and as always, it’s our aim to provide you with the cheapest price we can when you purchase from us. AudioCP sell a range of brands that provide handheld, lapel and headset radio mic systems and can build custom packages made up of multiple systems, antenna distribution and antenna paddles.