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Why Use IEMs - In Ear Monitoring Systems

Before discussing the reasons behind using IEMs (In Ear Monitoring Systems), we must first understand the basics of the system, IEM systems are devices used by musicians and live performers so they can listen to a mix of their choosing and removing the need of a stage monitor. Fundamentally, IEMs allow you to have the ability to monitor a number of different of sounds at once without having any interference from on stage noise pollution and gives you comfort to perform. 

There are both wired IEM and wireless IEM options available and the technical components of these devices are fairly simple and are typically made up of three fundamental components, firstly the earphones for the artist to hear what’s going on, secondly the receiver, which is usually a bodypack clipped discretely to the performer  or a small controller on a stand, the final component would be a transmitter which can either be a feed directly from the mixing desk or from a wireless transmitter.

So why would we use IEMs? Well, there are a number of benefits, firstly they greatly reduce the amount of on-stage noise pollution which can cause feedback or negatively affect the sound quality of the FOH mix, secondly it allows the sound engineer to send more complex individual mixes to each performer, which often leads to a tighter live performance. If you are interested in one of these systems, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have, at AudioCP we are committed to finding you the cheapest deals and the best value for money you can find, our technicians deal with this equipment daily and are more than experienced enough to answer any questions you may have. We have several of these systems in stock in Glasgow and happy to demo set ups and system options.