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AKG Podcaster Essentials Kit

AKG Podcaster Essentials Kit

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Package Includes

  • AKG Lyra USB Microphone
  • AKG K371 Studio Headphones
  • Ableton® Live 10 Lite audio production software
  • Free Berklee Online introductory recording course

Those looking to do the best podcast that they’ve ever done can look into using the AKG Podcaster Essentials kit that comes with the essentials needed to get started. Get professional quality with the set that offers the most for those who are just starting their own podcasts and want to make sure they’re offering the best in sound quality to their audience. This is when you want to upgrade to the best option.

The AKG K371 headphones and AKG Lyra USB Microphone, Ableton® Live 10 Lite audio production software, and cables all come along with the use of this kit. Those who are wondering how to start are in luck with the use of the AKG Podcaster Essentials kit because it comes with an introductory online course to recording and creating music. This is an ideal way to go about capturing the high-quality sounds you want and know to come from a podcast.

The AKG Podcaster Essentials gives off high-resolution audio through 24-bit/192kHz. This is perfect for those who want to listen through their own system at home. You can set up to introduce those to your podcast and use products that actually work to improve sound quality. This is what sets the AKG Podcaster Essentials set apart from other podcasting kits. It can be the best way to go when you want something high quality and complete.

Those who are ready to get more from the podcast they want to start, or perhaps have already started can benefit from using the AKG Podcaster Essentials. This has everything you need to upgrade your system to something that provides unsurpassed quality when compared to other types of products. You can grab your AKG Podcaster Essentials today and start putting out the best podcast. You will be glad you did when you put up the best podcast.


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