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Allen & Heath Avantis

Allen & Heath Avantis

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Achieve a cleaner mix, thanks to the features of the Allen & Heath Avantis digital mixing desk – a digital standout that has a 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine and next-generation innovations, such as 64 channels and a 42-configurable bus console design. Add such amenities as the following:

  • Twin full high-definition (HD) touchscreens
  • Adaptable workflow, featuring Continuity UI, I/O options, and full metal-made chassis
  • XCVI core – 0.7ms latency coherent
  • A large range of remote expanders
  • An available dPACK upgrade for added dLIVE processing
  • Variety of IO stage boxes available

The power you receive from the Avantis originates from the equipment’s XCVI core – a core that is the brainchild of researchers and developers at Allen & Health. The XCVI core uses FPGA technology, along with parallel virtual processing, to generate power for 88 x 42 channels of processing at a sampling rate of 96KHz (including FX returns).

The Allen & Heath Avantis XCVI core impresses audio engineers with 25 billion operations per second. Add a variable bit depth for the ultimate in precision and noise performance, and you know that you are using an exemplary sound product. The Allen & Heath Avantis also features an almost infinite mix of headroom with its 96-bit accumulator and latency setting of 0.7 ms.

When you review the features of a digital mixer, such as the Allen & Heath Avantis, you are also dealing with digital sound. Similar to a digital recording, the Avantis digital mixer can offer you unparalleled audio quality in a high-fidelity product.

Do you currently use an analog mixer? If so, you are already familiar with the hissing, noise, or interference that you regularly experience with an older analog mixer – something that is greatly reduced when using the Avantis. By upgrading to an Avantis, you can control frequencies more easily, and with more precision and reliability.

What do you want to see in a mixer? If you review the features of the Avantis, you will find premium and trail-blazing amenities in digital mixer technology. Be a pioneer in the field and choose this mixer as an audio upgrade for producing the best mixes and sound.

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