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Allen & Heath GX4816

Allen & Heath GX4816

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An impressive addition to your SQ, Avantis or add on to dLive system, the Allen & Heath GX4816 offers fully configurable 96kHz digital I/O 48-input and 16-output. You also can enjoy 2 DX expansion ports complemented with phantom power operational support.

Whether you use the stagebox expander on the stage or at the FOH position, you will receive the highest quality I/O for your Allen & Heath Avantis, SQ mixing or dLive console. This networkable sound expander features 48 inputs with professional type mic preamps and 16 XLR line outputs – all of which are simultaneously available at a resolution of 96kHz.

Needless to say, audio engineers like this equipment as it permits them to flesh out I/O and connect with up to 32 x 16 more channels of the best in digital. This is due to the equipment’s 2 DX expansion ports.

Therefore, by using the Allen & Heath GX4816 you’ve just made digital expansion convenient and simple. It’s nice to know that you only need to plug in or hook up your network with no bother or fuss. That is what the GX4816 offers to anyone committed to producing a clear and memorable sound.

By offering support to a modular dLive or SQ mixer system, this I/O expander allows you to connect everything precisely, thanks to a locking and dependable EtherCon port and popular Cat 5e cables. While SQ systems normally connect with 2 GX4816 model expanders, C Class dLive systems use 3 expanders, and 5 DX168 expanders are needed to link to a S Class rig.

You can add an Allen & Heath DX32 or 2 Allen and Heath DX168s, or a DX164-W and totally rack up your channel count. Again, the features of the Allen & Heath GX4816 make it the go-to expander for A7H dLive and SQ mixing consoles.

Each input of the machine highlights a remote-controlled mic preamp with distinct phantom powered LEDs. Plus, as mentioned, you get 2 DX expansion ports, any of which allows you to hook up Allen & Heath model expanders DX32, DX168 or DX164-W.

By using Allen & Heath products, you can realize a professional sound as well as convenience when it comes to both upgrades and expansion.

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