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Presonus StudioLive 32SC

Presonus StudioLive 32SC

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This 32-channel rackmount digital mixer comes with 16 microphone preamps and 17 motorised faders. A 64-in and 64-out interface sound interface, AVB networking, and SD card recorder also round out the mixer’s incomparable design. You will get a lot of power from the 32SC’s FLEX DSP engine and marvel at the machine’s DAW Control and Software Suite.

For most musicians and sound engineers, it can be difficult to try and use the same mixer for various tasks. However, by using the Presonus StudioLive 32SC, all that has changed. By using this digital mixer, you can set up Flex Mixes as subgroups, matrix mixes, or aux mixes. It just depends on what your entertainment venue demands.

Do you need various monitor mixes for several musicians? If so, the Presonus StudioLive 32SC mixer has you covered. For instance, you can create as many as 16 aux sends if needed. You can do the same with matrix mixes and subgroups as well. Therefore, this modern mixer is ideal for anyone who needs a dependable rack mountable mixer for theatrical entertainment or venues that feature more than one zone. You can adapt the mixer to the mixing task at hand instead of trying to adapt your flow of work to the limitations set by the mixer.

As a result, the Presonus 32SC regularly receives 5-star reviews. After all, who can complain about getting the ideal sound quality when a device has the aforementioned attributes? All the Presonus StudioLive series of consoles, including the 32SC, boast superlative processing capabilities and sound effects.

The StudioLive 32SC takes these capabilities and effects even further with its FLEX FX. This multi-effects processor gives you 4 internal effects buses that contain a combo of delays, reverbs, and similar effects that can be routed easily. Also, Fat Channel processing provides retro EQ and compressor models on each channel. To enjoy more plug-in power when processing, bolster your 32SC equipment with the Presonus Fat Channel Collection, which is sold separately.

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