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Presonus StudioLive 32SX

Presonus StudioLive 32SX

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When it comes to digital mixers, you will like what the specs say about the Presonus StudioLive 32SX, a premium quality, yet compact, 32-channel digital mixer console with a built-in and dynamic SD card recorder. You will appreciate the twin-core FLEX DSP engine on the machine as well – an engine that has enough power to run 286 processors at the same time, 40 mixing channels, and an unprecedented 26 mix buses.

With this premium-quality digital mixer, you can record and play back as many as 64 channels via USB – twice as many as you could for prior models. The Presonus StudioLive 32SX also supports AVB over Ethernet, which can be used with NSB stageboxes and the Presonus brand’s EarMix 16M quality personal monitor mixing.

The built-in SD card supports activities, such as virtual audio checks and multitrack recordings. Also, fully recallable XMAX preamps offer an ultra-low noise floor. You will delight in the equipment’s 25 touch-sensitive motorised faders, which permit you to mix sounds with maximum precision.

The 24 DCA groups on the machine help you handle complicated productions that feature high-channel counts while the FLEX FX multi-effects processor robustly supports 4 slots of reverb delays and emulations along with 4 dedicated effects buses.

The Fat Channel processing feature offers vintage EQ and compression alternatives for each one of the mixer’s many channels. Also, the full-color touchscreen technology offers better visual feedback than ever before. The advanced scene management features allow you to handle various mixing tasks more precisely, and the 16 Flex Mixes on the machine can be used as matrix mixes, subgroups, or aux mixes.

But wait!

There are still more features that will make you feel like rushing online and placing an order for a Presonus StudioLive 32SX.

You also receive DAW control with advanced integration, and HUI emulation for Pro Tools. The software package features a UC Surface touch-control type software, compatible with Mac, Android, PC, or IOS.

You can access the equipment’s personal monitoring app via an Android or iOS configuration. The mixer is packaged with the total Studio Magic Plug-in Suite, comprised of a variety of plug-ins by Lexicon, Arturia, Maag Audio, and others. The mixer integrates well with the Fat Channel Collection, which is sold separately.

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