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Expand Your IO With A Digital Stage Box

Digital Stage Boxes are the modern upgrade of an analogue XLR multicore snake, allowing you to run every channel on stage to your front of house mixing desk position via a single CAT-6 cable for processing and mixing. Some of our sales stock of digital stage boxes can also be used as stand alone digital rack mixers that be controlled via a tablet or computer so there would e no use for a FOH mixing position. Digital stage boxes start of with 8 input channels up to 64 channels depending on the mixing desk and stage box IO options.

Advantages of using digital stage boxes:

  • Running all of the audio through a CAT-6 cable drum is a huge time and effort saver when setting up live shows compared to an analogue snake.
  • Some stage boxes can be daisy chained to another via CAT-6 to expand the ins and outs and allow for different stage box positioning on stage.
  • Soft patching on the digital I/O allows you to easily change where channels are assigned without manually unplugging an XLR and moving it to a new input