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Allen & Heath DT168

Allen & Heath DT168

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When you look at the tech specs for this stagebox expander by Allen & Heath, you cannot help but be impressed. The Allen & Heath DT168 Dante stagebox expander is a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment.

Carry the equipment anywhere – for studio use or at a public entertainment venue – it has been made for maximum portability. This DT168 Dante I/O expander is the perfect drop-in answer for including inputs and outputs to your Allen & Heath SQ, Avantis or dLive Dante network.

The device highlights a 16 top-notch preamp design complemented by 8-line outputs, with a choice of a 48kHz or 9kHz conversion. The fan-less configuration of the device makes it the no-noise solution for mixing and sound quality.

Moreover, you will appreciate the dual Dante ports, which permit Switched or Redundant operative modes. This innovative machine also comes with rubber bumpers and a carrying handle for ease of transport. If you need a robust solution for expanding the I/O for your Dante network, the Allen & Heath DT168 will not disappoint.

You only need to look at the features and you will know that this accessory item is a must-have for adding I/O for concert dates or events. This superlative piece of Allen & Heath Equipment is endowed with 16 microphone preamps and 8-line outputs and is also ready to be used with Dante Domain Manager. You can organize your workflow as you wish without worrying about any sort of limitations with respect to mixing and sound quality.

This piece of equipment allows you to be as creative as you would like. When expanding your equipment for mixing, you need to take an inventory. Think about how many mics you need and how many stereo inputs your will require for keyboards, or direct input for guitars or bass.

Also, you will want to consider the sound-shaping capacity of your mixer and review the routing of your input channels. They can either be directed to recording systems or processing gear. In some instances, you may only be mixing input channels to the main mixer outputs.

All in all, you have to consider the demand of your sound equipment with respect to signal routing and onboard processing and effects. By choosing an Allen & Heath mixer or an expander, like the Allen & Heath DT168, you can meet your sound engineering requirements easily and proficiently.

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