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Sennheiser 3PACK e835

Sennheiser 3PACK e835

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This affordable pack of three Sennheiser E835 options offer everyone the chance to have a mic. Whether live recording, or if you want to bring the set home to use; you can find that this mic set brings the most in quality and sound. The Sennheiser E835 3 pack is perfect for those who want to sing with others, and just by themselves.

Just like with the single pack, the three pack comes with a series of high-quality, ultimate sound quality mics. Get three mics to cover all of those who might be speaking or singing on stage. You want to have the correct number of mics, and this set can be the perfect addition to your stage production. The on/off switch is optional but easy to use and get to right on the handle of the mic.

The capsules are set up to get the best wireless distance that is necessary while on stage. You can walk away from the transmitter and speakers with ease. The wireless mic is easy to use, lightweight, and won’t cause fatigue while using it. The dynamic mic is known as a cardioid microphone that is able to ease out the sounds that you hear. Not just that, but with the soothing sounds coming from the mic and ease of quality is not going to let you down.

If you’re ready to enjoy all that the Sennheiser E835 3 pack offers and see just how well it works, then now is the time to do so. Purchase the pack and find out what comes from using them. The mics come wrapped and in their rugged housing. They’re already set to go and come with the directions needed to keep it going. Shop the mic options today for all of your sound needs.

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