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Sennheiser 3PACK e604

Sennheiser 3PACK e604

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Just like the one Sennheiser E604, you can expect the same high-quality performance that comes from thew Sennheiser E604 3 Pack. The only difference is that you get three great mics in one package, instead of just the one. The affordable price of this shows everyone just how much you get when bringing these home. Use them on your many percussion instruments, toms and snares. Easy to clip on and bring with you. The rugged, lightweight design provides the clean, smooth look you want.

The use of the Sennheiser E604 3 Pack helps you create the sound you want and need. Not just that, but the background sounds are often muffled which is ideal when you want to capture the sounds from the instruments only. Woodwind instruments have received great reviews when used with this mic, as well as others. The sound design is perfect and based on the MD 421 mic that is legendary to sound lovers everywhere.

You can emphasize and capture the upper mids and highs of the instruments, offering the best in sounds. The forceful sound, open quality and more come together to create the best possible sounds you can get from an instrument that does it all and more. The low distortion is something that is big and hard to find with an instrument that captures the sounds for you. Enjoy the clarity of this and the other mics you can use.

If you are ready to take advantage of the sounds you are putting out, then now is the time to visit the use of the right mic. The Sennheiser E604 3 Pack is the perfect pack to bring in and package up for use on many different instruments. You should use the mics that add the best and most updated features that help your music and sounds sound the best.

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