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Sennheiser e945

Sennheiser e945

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This Sennheiser e945 dynamic microphone is rich in detail capturing sound using a super cardioid pick up pattern which is great for feedback rejection on stage or eliminating unwanted noises. You can really cut through with the vocals and clear them up with the use of this mic. The solid performance of the Sennheiser E945 makes this a go-to for those who are looking for something to sing into and put on a show with. Countless uses are out there and if you need a mic, this might be the best one.

Known as being super-cardioid, the mic is one that you can change up the way you sound when using it. The shock mounted capsule ensures that if the mic is dropped, everything stays in place and it continues to be durable and reliable. The hum compensating coil reduces the amount of noise that is picked up and put out, but also smooths out those undertones you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get.

You can benefit in the long run with the enormous emphasis on the loud stages that might block out other sounds that you come across. When using the Sennheiser E945, your voice gets a warm, lively fullness that it wouldn’t otherwise have. This is why this mic is a long-time favourite by so many who love being up on stage. The Sennheiser E945 is highly rated and recommended.

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