How To Set Up For:

  • Speech
  • Singing

  • Music Playback
  • Instruments


Plug in the power cable into the socket on the bottom of the desk and plug it into the wall. You will see lights show up on the desk if it has power. Plug in the XLR that will go to your speakers into the MAIN LEFT & RIGHT outputs. Now move the master fader to zero and you are ready to begin.


Take the XLR and plug the female end into your microphone then take the other end of the XLR and put it into channel one XLR input on the mixing desk. At the bottom of that channel raise the fader up to zero. Now slowly increase the red gain knob at the top of that channel and start to talk. You will see that lights will show on the meters lighting up to the right hand side of the desk and the microphone sound coming through your speakers.

To MUTE the channel press the red mute button that is located just above the fader.


Following on from the instructions above if you wanted to add reverb to the microphone then then put the master effects fader to zero and slowly turn the blue knob above channel 1an you will hear the reverb. You can also mute the effects between songs by pressing the red mute button on the effects channel.

If you have a stage monitor then plug in a TRS jack into AUX 1 output then locate the green auxiliary knob on channel one and slowly increase. The more you increase the of the vocal will go to your stage monitor.

Music Playback

To play music through the mixing desk from a phone, laptop or tablet that has a headphone socket you can use a in a mini TRS jack to two phonos cable. Plug the mini jack into a laptop a phone or a tablet then plug the red and white phonos ends into channels 9 and 10 on the mixing desk. Play music from your device making sure that your volume is up then press the PFL button on the channel 9 and 10 fader. You will see that the LED meter at the right hand side of the desk will light showing a signal. Increase the gain on channels 9 and 10 until the LEDs hits 0 showing a good signal strength. Once complete deselect PFL on that channel and lift up the fader for 9 and 10 and the music will come through your speakers. You can now increase the volume on the backing track and start singing to balance the vocals and the backing track for your performance.

If you want to send some music/backing track to the stage monitor then simply locate AUX 1 green knob on channel 9 & 10 and slowly increase until you’re happy with the the level in the monitor.


If you want to plug in a guitar or keyboard for example then simply plug in the jack cable into the jack socket channels 3 or 4 which is below the XLR input. Press down the High-Z button select then PFL button on that channel then slowly increase the the level will until near 0 on the meter. Once happy deselect the PFL and raise up the fader and the instrument will come through the speakers. You can add effects and sent to the stage monitor the same way as you would for the vocal by turning the green or blue knob for that channel.

Phantom Power

If you are using a microphone that requires phantom power or a di box then press the 48 volt button at the top right corner of the mixing desk.