IEM Hire

There are 2 options for IEM (In Ear Monitoring) system hire, wired or wireless. In our IEM hire stock we have Sennheiser G3 IEM wireless systems and Shure P6HW wired IEM systems for hire. The Sennheiser systems allow you to either have one stereo mix or 2 mono mixes per transmitter which allows for great flexibility especially when working with a budget. The wired Shure P6HW IEM system allows for a stereo mix or a mono mix. Both these options also have the ability to blend 2 mono mixes depending on how you want to set up your IEM mix.

Due to this flexibility you can have a wide range of configurations for your gig with a mixture of mono, stereo, wired and wireless if you choose. For example it is very common for drummers to use wired systems as they are always sitting in one position and do not require wireless option. Come to our warehouse in Glasgow for a demonstration..

Check out the guide below for configurations and costs.

Wireless IEM Options *

TransmittersBodypacksMono MixStereo MixCost Per Day
1111£28 inc
1221£40 inc
22N/A2£54 inc
2442£80 inc
33N/A3£84 inc
3663£120 inc
44N/A4£112 inc
4884£160 inc

* These are a few example of configurations.

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