Highland Games

100V Horn System



Cowal Highland Gathering

Over 3 days in August every year at Cowal Gathering, the world’s largest Highland games, we provide over 40 horn loaded 100V speakers over 4 zones including the heavies, 2 x highland dancing stages and pipe bands.

Gourock Highland Games

The Gourock Highland Games has moved from its old location to Greenock’s Battery Park to accommodate the larger crowds. Over 2 arenas we provide 30 hon loaded 100V speakers, generator and radio microphones.

Carmunock Highland Games

In the small village south of East Kilbride we have provided the Carmunck Highland Games for the last 4 years. 1 Zone round a football sized field comprising of 12 x 100V horn loaded speakers and 1 radio microphone powered by one of our generators.

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Our Highland Games Services

AudioCP have increased our hire stock of 100V horn loaded speakers to meet the demands of the increasing Highland Games that we look after. Every summer thousands off spectators visit these events and need to hear what is going on throughout the field and the 100V horn speaker system distributed currently is perfect for projecting audio evenly around the field. We can provide cable management systems, generators and a gazebo to store our amplifiers and mixing desk and can work with the organisers for the best location for speakers.

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