How To Set Up For:

  • Speech
  • Music Playback


Take the supplied IEC power cable and plug into the socket which is located on the bottom of the desk. Once there is power you will see lights light up on the mixer. Connect the mixer to your speakers by plugging 2 XLR into the MAIN LEFT & RIGHT outputs of the EPM6 deck and the other ends into your speakers. The next step is to push the MAIN fader to zero.


Plug an XLR into your microphone and plug the male end of the XLR into channel 1 of the mixer. Push the white fader for channel 1 to 0 which is marked beside the fader. Start talking into the microphone and start talking while slowly turning the red gain at the top of channel 1 clockwise. As you turn you will hear your voice come through the PA system and stop when it is loud enough or you start to hear feedback through the speakers. You will be able to see green lights appear on the LED meter at the righthand side of the mixer showing the volume level.

When not using the microphone it is wise to MUTE the microphone but pressing the red mute button located above channel 1 fader.

Music Playback

If you have a DJ mixer with XLR outputs then follow the instructions above. If you are playing music from a laptop, tablet or phone which has a headphone socket then you will use a mini TRS jack to 2 x TR Jack cable. Plug in the mini tis jack into the headphone of your device and the 2 TR jacks into the 2 inputs labelled STEREO 1. Press PFL on the STEREO 1 channel and play the music on your device making sure your volume is at least up 75%. Slowly turn the red gain knob for STEREO 1 channel and you will see that the green LED meters will show the level increasing. Increase the gain until the green LED meter is hitting ZERO. Deselect the STEREO 1 channel PFL button and slowly push up the SETERO 1 fader and you all hear music coming through your speakers.

Phantom Power

Some microphones require phantom power so they will work so you will need to press the grey 48V button which is located beside the headphone socket.