Guide Contents:

  • Package Contents

  • Set Up

  • Scanning For Channel

  • Syncing Receiver & Transmitter

  • Check Audio

  • Changing Batteries

What You Get

The Shure BLX24/B58 system comes in a small softcase which includes a transmitter, receiver with power supply, spare batteries, microphone clip and when hiring we provide a 1M XLR cable.

Set Up

Plug the power supply into the back of the receiver and plug into a mains socket. Turn the receiver on by pressing and holding down the power button on the front of the receiver until the unit lights up. Plug an XLR into the XLR output at the back of the receiver and plug the other end into your mixing desk. (If hiring this system we supply a 1M XLR cable.)

Scanning Frequencies

We recommend that when setting up the radio mic system in a new location that you do a scan for the best radio frequency to use. To do this click on the group button and you will see the LCD display will show that it is scanning though frequencies. Once it is finished the scan it will set the best frequency available.

Syncing Transmitter & Receiver

Now that the receiver has selected the best frequency to use you need to set the handheld radio transmitter to the same frequency. To do this turn the microphone on by pressing the power button located on the microphone. Unscrew the bottom half of the handheld microphone and remove the sleeve. You will see that there is a group and channel button. Click the group button until it displays the same group as on the receiver. For example if it says A on the receiver put it to A on the transmitter. Next click on the channel button and again match this to the channel number on the receiver. You can now replace the sleeve. You will know that the transmitter and receiver are synced together because the green READY light will show on the receiver.

Check Audio

With the microphone on you can talk into it and you see that the AUDIO light on the receiver will flash as you talk and if you have the receiver plugged into the mixing desk then signal shoal be showing there too.

Changing Batteries

When you unscrew the bottom half of the microphone you will see 2 x AA batteries. You can simply remove these and replace when needed.