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Wedding Speeches

wedding Pa systemWe can provide you with white or black speakers, stands and cables so that the PA system fits in with your venue style and look. All of our systems are set up with radio microphones and the ability to play back music from a laptop, phone or anything else that has a headphone socket.

  • 2 x White or Black Speakers
  • 1 x Sennheiser Radio Microphone
  • Background Music Functionality
  • Package Cost: £84 inc-vat (£70 ex-vat)
  • Call for Delivery Cost


dj_package_1If you are not having a band or DJ then another option is to do a DIY Disco. It is becoming more common for people to simply put a playlist together of their favourite songs and play this though a laptop, phone or tablet. We can put a package together for you to suit your venue and audience size.
  • Small – Large Packages
  • 50-1000 people
  • Included Disco Lighting
  • Packages From: £96 inc-vat (£80 ex-vat)
  • Call for Delivery Cost
  • See Packages Here

Portable Battery PA

qtxIf you are getting married outside where power is an issue then the portable PA system is perfect for you. It comes with built in radio microphones and the ability to play music from any sound source with a headphone socket. Battery lasts up to 6hrs on full use.  

  • Battery Powered
  • 2 x Radio Microphones
  • Background Music Functionality
  • Hire Cost: £60 inc-vat (£50 ex-vat)
  • Call for Delivery Cost
If you are looking for a PA system for your wedding then you have come to the right place. AudioCP provide systems for wedding events to be used for speeches, announcements, background music and bands. Most wedding venues have their own system however we are here for you when the venue you have booked can not provide you with what you need.

Delivered + Set Up

One of our experienced sound engineers will deliver and set up the sound system for you and also be there throughout the event if needed in case of any sound issues. They would set up the PA as discreetly as possible so that the equipment does not get in the way during your wedding.


Every wedding venue is different so please contact us with the venue details and what you need the PA system hire for and one of our consultants will give you our expert advice and a quote including delivery.

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