Want A Gig or Event Recorded?

Multitrack Live Recording

Do you need a gig or an event professionally recorded? AudioCP can record up to 16 individual channels simultaneously using the Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2, which allows for one of our qualified engineers to mix the audio down in the studio or provide you with the data so you can do it yourself.

This recording method allows for the sound engineer to work on the individual recording of each microphone or instrument and mix down to a professional balance and level ready for CD, broadcasting, video or the internet. This is very much like the process within a recording studio however all audio is captured live with the the ability to overdub (re-record) individual tracks in post production if an element of the live performance was not perfect.

Post Production

Once we record your performance we will take the audio back to our studio where it can be edited, mixed and fixed, if needed. We can also add effects and additional recording at this time. We work alongside many video production companies who need audio mixed, edit and exported to there required audio format.

  • 16 Channel Multitracking
  • Location Recording
  • Live Recording
  • Post Production
  • Re-Recording
  • Sound Engineer Included

Video Production Company?

If you are a video production company and looking to offer live music videos then contact us today to discuss how we can help with the pre and post production of the live music video.

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